Keeping Company

I had quite a lot of friends and family keeping me company as I overcame the personal health complexities of this past summer. For weeks at a time I was rarely by myself; I was a prince. Laura Glazer even visited me in the hospital a number of times and took photographs in my room.

Now that the leaves have turned, things are much quieter. Nephews have more demanding work schedules, nieces are busy with dissertations, job searches, and school. Even my daughter is about to make an important career move to Las Vegas. I'm very excited for her, and wish her all the best.

Now that I no longer drive and have fewer visitors to escort me on errands, one might expect me to feel isolated and lonely. Well, as it turns out, it's not that way at all. Passing the halfway point with my copying of the bible (finishing Psalms and crossing over into Proverbs), I have come to realize that I have a constant and fulfilling companion: the bible itself.

Each morning I look forward to the hours that will be free of nurses and health aides while I organize my pens. I serenely scribe the chapters and verses upon my papers and begrudge the interruption of a phone that brings me the necessary news of an outside world. While lost in the tales of the chosen people I often find myself smiling. I am astonished by the poetry of this 1611 King James version. Its words soothe me and speed the passing day. If I've learned anything, it's that the minutia of living will always attempt to devour the moments. I find it comforting, however, to know that there is a meaningful friend that never ceases to salve the aching soul.

I invite you again to visit in order to keep up with our progress during the month.

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In spirit, 
Phillip Patterson

As published in the November 2010 issue of "St. Peter's Press," the monthly newsletter of St. Peter's Presbyterian Church in Spencertown, New York.