I’ve always enjoyed the fall weather even though this year it’s been more and more difficult for me to get out on my own. If I check my calendar, however, it seems like the St. Peter’s community has kept busy gathering me up and taking me to brunches, lunches, and weddings. So let me not whine too much.

The stitching and inner bindings of the Plain Bible are now complete, as a new scribe in Albuquerque New Mexico begins his writing of the bible. His intention is to “become a better man,” and to leave a legacy for his three children. I was surprised to discover that he is only thirty-six years old.

The glamour aspects of these endeavors often fall favor to the persons who take on the lengthy process of the writing. To give credit where credit is due, yes, the writing is to be honored. On the other hand, throughout the life of The Serenity of Knowing, very little credit has been given to Laura Glazer. She has photographed every single snippet, curlicue, and ordinary pile of paper and rendered it all together into a burgeoning masterpiece.

This time of the year, or perhaps all the times, should be allowed to overwhelm us with its mystery and its wonder. The chill will eventually bring out our sweaters, woolen plaids, and heavy corduroy jackets. We too will become a part of the mosaic of the coming seasons even as we bundle ourselves more tightly together against the flying of the snow.

Through it all we can expect Laura to continue her mosaic using the images of the small fundamentals of bookbinding. She will layer together the lovely photos of simple pieces of book, gray cardboard and string with the lens of her camera. When the embellishments have been laid into place, and the many hundreds of contact sheets have told their story, it will finally no doubt be winter. The beauty of the winter is that it leads to all the other seasons. I have peeked into Laura’s almanac. Even there winter is not the end. She has plans for a dazzling spring.

As published in the November 2013 issue of "St. Peter's Press," the monthly newsletter of St. Peter's Presbyterian Church in Spencertown, New York.