This was a particularly active summer in my extended family. I witnessed an ordination, visited my daughter out West, and was greeted at the airport by Laura at 1:00 am when I returned. Even though it was the middle of a workweek, she was smiling and buoyant. There were potlucks and homegrown fireworks to celebrate the Fourth of July, trips up to Olana to see the view, and there was the most adorable children’s parade through Spencertown. Trash and Treasure, Tea on the Green – time spent with these old friends was never more memorable.

And while I was busy being so royally entertained throughout the months of July and August, the Minor Prophets of the Bible found their way between the spaces in the giggling. Thus the pages of volume five are finished and waiting to be trimmed and stitched.
Hopefully volume six, which opens with The Apocryphal Books, will be an illuminating sprint onward to the New Testament. I say illuminating because the only association I have with The Apocrypha is the hymn: “See the Conquering Hero Comes,” from Judas Maccabeus. Perhaps I’m showing off a bit, but I can’t help it. The enrichment that has come from handwriting the Bible is equal to the enrichment that has come from friends and family. There is nothing to be except grateful and proud of you both. 
As published in the September 2011 issue of "St. Peter's Press," the monthly newsletter of St. Peter's Presbyterian Church in Spencertown, New York. At the time of publication, Phillip was in the throws of the Apocrypha.