Grand Accomplishments

This year is off to a gallop. The holidays were brilliant, and my daughter has moved into her apartment in Chatham. The only thing left to do is to find her a truck. My work table is strewn with the evidence of the book covers that are the works in progress for The Plain Bible. It's hard to imagine that I am so close to being completely finished. Perhaps it's the reason why I've dragged my feet so wickedly in these last months. Perhaps I really don't want to finally put it away.

People keep asking me what my next project will be. The fact is, there are many projects in the waiting. What's most enticing, however, is that I'll just find a couple of good books and settle in with those for the rest of the winter.

I want my role as Deacon Moderator to be a grand accomplishment inasmuch as I would like to make it a season of good work and commitment to the soul: to my own soul as well as to the souls of others. Ultimately, I suppose, that is not for me to determine. I am determined, nonetheless, to exhaust myself with being able to use the word “yes” when asked to contribute my shaking hand to the good fight. As a man of limited financial resources, I find myself wealthy in the gifts of light. Offering that light where there has been darkness only brings more joy to competing against the paltry hours of each day, and discovering peaceful sleep as one's reward.

Then there's my social life, which for an invalid older gentleman, could not be more lively than when I was twenty-five. I'm also planning to travel this next year, and make the various trips on my own. As I close in on the end of this massive project of writing The Plain Bible, I want to make sure that I in no way correlate it with the end of my own days. My plan is to live an unbelievably long life even after I have finished making the final covers of The Plain Bible.

As published in the February 2014 issue of "St. Peter's Press," the monthly newsletter of St. Peter's Presbyterian Church in Spencertown, New York.