Between the Seasons

I am already anticipating the pastels of spring. For now, I remain indoors by a window and snug in my corduroys. As I gaze into the glistening forest I wonder how I, a man, am more fragile than the petals of a flower.

Of course the answers to this and countless other questions are suggested again and again throughout the pages of King James. However, in my exploration of the books thus far, from The Pentateuch through to The Prophets, I find that the myriad of possible answers come atmospherically like the transition of seasons. They are at times enigmatic, but always with the assurance of truth.

Both gradually, and at once, the Bible reveals itself as alpha and omega, yin and yang. Questions masquerade as answers, answers stumble into the realm of more questions. I know which day is called the first day of spring, though I don’t know which day I can actually step outside to feel the first warm breezes upon my face. Nevertheless, I do have faith that such a day will come. In like fashion, the words of the Bible are teaching me that answers are rarely absolute. Rather, they are smudged across the blur of warm and cool. Therefore, I must be present in the shadow of my God. Only thus will I be able to brave this howling storm everywhere around me.

As published in March 2011 issue of "St. Peter's Press," the monthly newsletter of St. Peter's Presbyterian Church in Spencertown, New York. At the time of publication, Phillip was working on The Book Of Daniel.